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Ampex was the powerhouse for tape recording in the 40s to the 70s. The Ampex Electric and Manufacturing Company was formed by Alexander Poniatoff in 1944.

From the original Model 200, to video tape recorders, Ampex was almost synonymous for "Tape Recorder." The company's first sales of the Model 200 were to Bing Crosby Enterprises and the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). In 1956, Ampex announced a historic breakthrough - the first practical video tape recorder.

In 1959, Orradio Industries became the Ampex Magnetic Tape Division of Ampex Corporation. In November of 1995, the Ampex Recording Media Corporation was put up for sale, and the recording media pioneer became Quantegy Inc.,

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Model/Misc. Remarks
1948 Model 200A
The Bing Crosby Show on ABC used the Model 200 audio recorder to accomplish the first-ever U.S. tape delayed radio broadcast.
1949 Model 300  (1949-1966)
1950 Model 400
1953 Model 350
1954 Model 600
1958 Model 351
Model 601
Model 602
1966 AG-300
1967 AG-440
1969 AG-440B
1978 ATR-700
1983 ATR-800