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AEL (American Electronic Laboratories)
Lansdale, PA 19446
(215) 822-2929

AEL was founded by Dr. Leon Riebman and Conrad Fowler in 1950. The basis for the original business was medical products. Growing out of defense contracts, broadcast transmitters came to be a product line until approximately 1979.

AEL still exists, but mostly as a part of defense contractor Cobham Defense Systems, the broadcast areas of interest long sold off. 

My thanks especially to Jeff DePolo, Clay Freinwald, and Stan Carter, among others who shared their pictures. Can you help fill in the blanks?


AM transmitters:

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AM-5KD - 5 kW   
  AM-10KD - 10 kW
  AM-50KD - 50 kW

FM transmitters:

AEL transmitters featured a grounded grid design.

FM-15QE Exciter
FM-20E Exciter
  FM-2.5KE - 2.5 kW
FM-5KD - 5 kW
  FM-5KE - 5 kW
            FM-10KE - 10 kW
  FM-15KE - 15 kW 
FM-12KG (field upgradeable to
an FM-15KG unit.?

FM-20KB - 20 kW 


FM-25 KD - 25 kW

FM-25 KE - 25 kW
  FM-25 KG - 25 kW
  FM-25/25KE - 50 kW