RCA TV Transmitter Equipment Section of The Broadcast Archive

RCA produced TV transmitters for VHF Low Band & High Band and UHF from 1933 through 1985

Television Transmitter Equipment

Lo-Band Transmitters
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RCA Nomenclature for Television Transmitter Equipment Models
Prefix- TT stood for TV Transmitter
Number was Transmitter power level in Kw
Alpha Suffix was the model's revision
Letter Suffix - L for (Lo-Band VHF - Ch.2-6)
or H for (Hi-Band VHF - Ch.7-13)
When UHF was introduced it was indicated with the Prefix - TTU
When G Line Transmitters were introduced TTG became the standard Prefix and L, H, & U became suffixes



Model/Misc. Remarks
1930s -1946 RCA experimental TV Transmitter tested in the Empire State Bldg.
See details of the Transmitter at EARLY TELEVISION ORG
1947 TT-5A Lo-Band VHF TV Transmitters
RCA's first commercial TV Transmitter
1952 TT-25AL/TT25AH VHF ConversionTV Transmitters
1947 TT-25BL Lo-Band VHF TV Transmitters
19xx TT-25CL Lo-Band VHF TV Transmitters
WRC-TV, Wash. DC
1967 TT-12EL Lo-Band 12.5 Kw VHF TV Transmitters
1969 TT-25FL Lo-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1969 TT-30FL Lo-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1969 TT-50FL Lo-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1980 TTG30L Lo-Band VHF TV Transmitters

Hi-Band Transmitters
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Model/Misc. Remarks
1957 TT-25AH Hi-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1963 TT-25CH Hi-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1963 TT-25DH Hi-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1970 TT-35FH Hi-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1953 TT-50AH Hi-Band VHF TV Transmitters
WCAU-TV Phila. TT50AH at the
official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
1969 TT-50FH Hi-Band VHF TV Transmitters
1981 TTG-10H G-Line 12KW Hi-Band TV Transmitter
1981 TTG-12H G-Line 12KW Hi-Band TV Transmitter - Catalog Sheet

UHF Transmitters
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Model/Misc. Remarks
1963 TTU-1B UHF TV Transmitters
1963 TTU-12A - TTU-25B UHF TV Transmitters
1965 TTU-30A UHF TV Transmitters
1962 TTU-50A UHF TV Transmitters
1967 TTU-110 UHF TV Transmitters
1981 TTG-100 UHF TV Transmitters

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