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I have been maintaining eight of them in the Northeastern WI region for 24 years, including one which powers Green Bay's market leading station, WIXX. These have proven to be more reliable than the newer units around, and I'm in fact now refurbishing another for a new installation. Just a note that the primary fault I've found with users having problems with the BTF-20E-1's is failure to neutralize the PA, which must be done upon every tube change.

RCA furnished either of two styles of low-pass filters with their transmitters over the years. The earlier filters consisted of a very long, 6-inch line section (approx. 15 feet). That design was broad-band, and was useable across the entire FM band. The later-supplied filters, which have the four stubs, are highly tuned for one channel. I have re-tuned these, but the process requires sweep equipment. The best method is to send it to its manufacturer, Dielectric, where they will promptly do it for a reasonable price.

- Steve Konopka





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