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QEI Corporation
One Airport Drive
P.O. Box 805
Williamstown, NJ 08094


Founded in 1971, QEI started with transmitter control and monitoring gear. Later, it began selling transmitters as well.

In April 2009, QEI shut its doors under financial pressure. During the summer of 2009, Bob Brown and other employees began rebuilding QEI ..

Quantum Transmitters:

Quantum 1000E - 1 kW



Quantum 6000E - 6 kW

WNIW in LaSalle, IL has this 6 kW Quantum on line.
Jeff Glass notes: "When I first got here, the transmitter had an incredible appetite for PA modules. Failure at the rate of one per month. After some parameter optimization done by me, internal cooling improvements by QEI, and upgrading the HVAC system, the last module failure was two years after the above improvements.

The transmitter is elegantly simple. The control circuit can easily be drawn on an 8 X 11 sheet of paper. The transmitter can be worked on with little if any pre-disassembly work. All modules and subassemblies can be easily repaired in the field.

The only unhandy characteristics of the transmitter are that the exciter is an integrated unit to the transmitter. The exciter is also the IPA. [However] the IPA/Exciter assembly is built such that by removing a jumper in the back of the unit, it is possible to feed the IPA portion with a more standard exciter, should the QEI exciter itself should fail.