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Howe Technologies (HoweTech) was founded by Dave Howe in 1981 at Boulder, Colorado, as a consulting and maintenance service for FM and TV stations, after he sold off his recording studio interests.  (Howe left the company in 1985.) In 1992, the company stopped manufacturing operations, while continuing to do FM/TV consulting and maintenance.

Although he started by building consoles (over 300 were produced), the company may be best known for the "Phase Chaser," a product designed to solve one of the most nagging problems of the 1980s: phase errors in stereo sources, especially tape playback. The Phase Chaser was patented in 1989.



The Phase Chaser

Phase Chaser 2100 - 1982
Phase Chaser 2300A - This model also had phase inversion.


Howe Audio Consoles

7012/7012A - 1979 - 12 Pots

7512A - 12 pot stereo VCA

9000 - 8 to 22 channel modular