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Collins 20 Series - 1 kW Transmitters


The Collins 20C

The original 20C was brought out in 193x


Scan from the 1937 catalog by John WA96GAR


The Collins 20T was produced beginning in 19xx


The original 20T was brought out in 19xx


The Collins 20V developed a reputation as a workhorse transmitter. Many 20Vs are still in use.


The original 20V was brought out in 19xx
The 20V-2 was unveiled in 19xx.  It added pushbuttons and relays for the filament and plate circuits.



20V2 Schematic

The 20V-3 was a makeover. Beginning in 19xx, this transmitter featured Dave Hultsman signing the sign on song.

Our thanks to Dave Hultsman for his recollections and help in gathering pictures and information.

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