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The Continental 816 Series

The Continental 816 series is probably the most well-known series - with, perhaps, the largest sales and longest average service - of any FM transmitter in history. 

The 816 series were 10-35 kW FM transmitters in a three-bay cabinet. There were also some dual units that combined two into one larger transmitter. The most recent variation has been the "HD" series to accommodate digital broadcasting. Both air and water-cooled versions have appeared.

Originally designed by Collins Radio as the 831G series in the early 1970s, the line was carried over through the Rockwell-Collins years and became essentially the only transmitter model sold by Continental for broadcast in recent years - especially after CE abandoned the AM broadcast band in the US.  

Each model with the "R" suffix is the Rockwell-Collins Design

The Continental 816 Series

The 816R transmitters were 10 to 35 kW models, with dual units to 70 kW

816R-1      10 kW

First unit to WHYN (93.1), Springfield, MA
First unit to XHME (89.5), Jalisco, Mexico

816R-2      20 kW

First unit to KXLS (99.7), Enid, OK
First unit to WCUZ (101.3), Grand Rapids, MI
First unit to KMGE (93.1), Eugene, OR
816R-2BS - 10 kW
First unit to Jamaica B/C (92.1) Jamaica

816R-3      25 kW

First unit to KFAT (106.1), Corvallis, OR
First unit to KRQQ (93.7), Tucson, AZ
First unit to Gabirno Del Estado (102.1), Monterrey, Mexico

816R-4      27.5 kW

First unit to KMGL (104.1), Oklahoma City, OK
First unit to CKY (92.1), Winnepeg, Canada
First unit to XHMG (102.9), Monterrey, Mexico

816R-5      35 kW

First unit to KUPL (98.5), Portland, OR
First unit to WGFX (104.5), Gallatin, TN
First unit to KSLX (100.7), Scottsdale, AZ

816R-6       30 kW

First unit to WAIA (93.3), Jacksonville, FL 

D816R-2C     40 kW - Dual Unit

  First unit to WRFX (99.7), Charlotte, NC

D816R-3C     50 kW - Dual Unit

  First unit to WOMC (104.3), Ferndale, MI

D816R-5C     70 kW - Dual Unit

  First unit to WCPE (89.7), Wake Forest, NC

D816R-6C     60 kW - Dual Unit

  First unit to KQKQ (98.5), Omaha, NE 

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