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Sun Valley, California

Aphex was founded in 1975 by Marvin Caesar in Los Angeles to supply the Aural Exciter to studios - on a rental basis only. The Company name reflected the product: the Aural Perception Heterodyne EXciter 

Eventually, the broadcast community began using the Aural Exciter, and other products - including the Compellor - designed by Donn Werrbach - to enhance the audio chain in radio stations. 

Caesar sold the company in 2000 to David Wiener, who then sold the line to Rode Microphones.


Broadcast Audio Processing Products



Model/Misc. Remarks
1975 Aural Exciter
    Aural Exciter Type C
1982 300 Compellor
Said to be the first product designed specifically for the transparent control of audio levels
    301 Compellor
A monaural  vversion

320A Compellor

  320D Compellor
  1985 Dominator Multiband Peak Limiter
  1990 Dominator II Multiband Peak Limiter
(Also known as Models 720/722)
1991 Digicoder

Model 2020

    Model 2020 Mark II
  Model 2020 Mark III
2004 Model 230 Mic Processor