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Bauer 707 - 1 kW

The Bauer 707 was the first "kit" ever sold to broadcasters, where they actually built the kit on site, and a factory technician came for the final tune up. The kit was designed so that almost anyone could build it - in fact, during one of the NAB conventions, a 707 was built by a Kelly Girl! Over 400 were produced, and many of them are still operating, over 40 years later.

Why "707?"  Paul Gregg says they sounded good. (This is before the airplane of the same name.)

Chester Leediker relates: Here are pictures of a Bauer 707 1 kW transmitter that was bought in "kit" form. I assembled it in 1966 and put it on the air at KIVY AM 1290 in Crockett, Texas. This was my first major project after achieving my "1st phone". The transmitter was replaced when KIVY upgraded to 2.5 kW in 1972. 

It sat unused until it was sold to KMVL in Madisonville in about 1990;  I changed frequency to 1220 and installed it there. It has been performing extremely well ever since constructed. There have been no major alterations performed on it, it is essentially just as it was built. It took me about 40 hours of time to assemble it.